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Imagine having a vacation house in the middle of the city where you can enjoy comfort and leisure right after work. That’s the experience that Cityland wishes to provide to the unit owners of the Manila Residences Tower I.

If you own a unit here, you could imagine going home to a clean, safe and comfortable living space. When you step outside your door, you could also see the lush landscaped and pocket gardens. You can also take advantage of many other amenities for recreational purposes. You don’t have to go out and spend more for leisure or family time as there are amenities within the vicinity that are designed for these purposes.

Some of the amenities at the Manila Residences Tower I include:

Recreational amenities for kids – With kids in mind, the Cityland has incorporated a beautiful and safe kids’ play area. It is a great place to take your kids for a few hours of free and wholesome outdoor fun. As opposed to spending more time watching TV or video or playing video games, kids should spend more time on outdoor play as it is beneficial for their overall physical and emotional growth.

Amenities for all – The Manila Residences Tower I also features amenities where you can hang out or spend your free time. The landscaped rooftop view deck is a good spot to unwind and relax especially if you want to have an unblocked scenic view of the skyline and the sunset.

Moreover, Tower I has a function hall and a meeting room that can accommodate more people and is a convenient place to conduct business meetings or small gatherings. In addition, there is also a fitness gym complete with basic exercise equipment. Other amenities include an adult and kiddie swimming pool and a lobby reception area.

To maintain the safety and convenience of unit owners, the Manila Residences Tower I management has also installed the following basic features:

With the amenities and security features given below already in place, you can have a peace of mind when you sleep at night at the Manila Residences Tower I. The management of this condominium development is putting a lot of effort to maintain the privacy of residents, while at the same time, maintain the security and privacy within the premises.

Moreover, while water and power interruptions are commonly experienced in the city, the Manila Residences Tower I is prepared for one as they have installed overhead water tanks as well as a backup power supply.

With regards to moving around the premises, each tower has four high-speed elevators to accommodate unit owners. The corridors are also wide, with high ceiling and with good ventilation.

Overall, you get some of the best facilities and amenities at the Manila Residences Tower I. It is a place where you’d feel pampered and privileged. You also get to enjoy recreational activities without going of your comfort zone. Best of all, these facilities and amenities are clean, safe and well-maintained for the benefit of the unit owners.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Male & Female Sauna
  • Function Room
  • Gym
  • Children's Play Area
  • Viewing Deck / Jogging Area
  • Information Counter
  • Administration Office
  • Paging System
  • 24-Hour Association Security
  • 4 Elevators
  • Refuse Chute
  • AFSS / Fire Alarm System
  • Emergency Power Back-Up System For Common Area
  • CCTV at The Lobby
  • Cable TV Provision / MATV
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Individual Mailbox
  • Car Ramp Signalling System
  • Underground & Elevated Water Tank
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